for Applied Electrical Engineering LaboratoryLAE

assist. prof. Amor Chowdhury, PhD

LAE offers comprehensive services in the context of scientific research, the development of different hardware and software solutions, special educations and training for industry in the following fields:

  • Electromagnetic energy converters (magnetic nonlinear dynamic modelling and the development of advanced experimental methods and measurement systems),
  • Renewable sources and technologies(with focus on the utilization of solar and hydropower energy),
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes (research on smart grids and energy management, the development of methodologies, technologies and software solutions for determining the efficiency of industrial processes),
  • Advanced sensor and measurement systems (research on hardware and software for detecting the potential of renewable energy sources, telemetry and applications in Energy Engineering).



assist. prof.Amor Chowdhury,

full prof.Miralem Hadžiselimović,

Assoc. Prof.Sebastijan Seme,

Iztok Brinovar,

Klemen Sredenšek,

Gregor Srpčič,

  • Oscilloscope KEYSIGHT KEYSIGHT InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series
  • Vector Network Analyzer KEYSIGHT 2-port, 9kHz to 9 GHz
  • Multifunction Reconfigurable I/O Device – USB-7856R – National Instruments
  • ZHENXUN ZX-X5 soldering smt machine bga rework station
  • Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR E60 + if=10mm, 45°
  • Multifunction indoor air quality meter TESTO 435-4
  • FLUKE 1744 Three Phase Power Quality Logger Memobox
  • Valve testing with the ULTRAPROBE 15.000
  • Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter KATflow 230 – Katronic
  • Electric machine and drive: control units, power supply unit, power plant…
  • Precision Power Analyzer Yokogawa WT1806
  • Synchronous generator
  • Autotransformer
  • Work tables: 3d adjustable workbenches 70 kW and 192 kW and for high-speed measuring points
  • Torque sensors (8 pcs), measuring shafts, cables, couplings
  • Mechanical Switches – 19 pcs
  • SKYHERO quadcopter system for thermal inspection of buildings
  • Multifunction installation tester HV005036 with HT960U, IMP57, T2100, HT52/05

  • EGUTS Electric, electronic and green urban transport systems
  • GRASPINNO Transnational model, strategies and decision support for innovative clusters and business networks towards green growth, focusing on green e-procurement in EE/RES for energy refurbishment of public buildings GRASPINNO
  • CO-EFFICIENT Collaborative framework for energy efficient SME systems CO-EFFICIENT