Laboratory for
alternative Aero and Hydro Energy TechnologyLAHET

Full prof. dr. Andrej Predin

The activities of LAHET are in the fields of science, development and applied research in following areas: mechanical and flow resonance issues, flow interactional problems, acoustic problems, developing and designing of wind technologies, hydraulic technologies and alternative energy technologies, all in accordance with the principles of an open thermodynamic approach.

Experimental model (physical models) tests on the (model-based) structure with air, water or simultaneously with both air and water flows are performed on the equipment available.

In the hydro part of the works, we can implement model-based testing of physical models of the entire hydroelectric power plant with its flow path (inlet/outlet channels, etc.). The simulation tests can be performed under practically all possible operating regimes, including flooding.

It is possible to implement model-based tests on scaled physical models of pipe ducts, conduits, junctions, conversion, both in the open as well as in closed ducts (tubes).



Full prof. dr.Andrej Predin,

Assist. Prof.Matej Fike,
  • 2D LDA system: 2d flowexplorer, spectrum/correlation, cyclic phenomena, scripting and matlab link
  • 3D traversing system: mechanism range, controller, line voltage 100-250v
  • Universal Measuring Amplifier for All Common Sensor Technologies HBM: 1-MX840 PAKAP
  • Motor modul 160kw
  • Motor modul 45kw
  • Motor modul 45kw
  • Generator – PMGI 3kw 120 – inv
  • Generator – PMGI 5kw 180 – inv
  • Generator – PMGI 6kw 240 – inv
  • Wind tunnel


  • Analysis of the sewerage network system in the municipality of Miklavž
  • Hydraulic modeling of the Krka estuary
  • Risk analysis of MAGNA Predicted Area Connections
  • Calibration of measuring equipment
  • Expertise for the Timbles Power Plant
  • Performing pressure drop measurements of manifolds
  • Measurement of boiler manifolds and hydraulic switches